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  • Not good News for Bolt after an intimate picture on social media with Brazilian girl.

    It is after a WhatsApp photo of Usain Bolt and a 20 year old Brazilian girl that the story and pictures go viral on social media.


    According to the daily mail news it was on Sunday night after bolt celebrates his 30th birth day that he spends the night with the Jady Duarte, 20 taking an intimate picture. Although she called herself a student Duarte is a mother of two and a widow whose husband is a commander of the narcotics trade and Rio's most notorious drug lords shoot by police.


    Police has remembered and remarked that her husband is was also responsible for the murder of a teenager back then in 2014.


    While For Bolt who just won the love of the world in his athletic performance was not a good image created after the cuddling and kissing pictures. It is revealed that he is in a long term relationship with a 26 years old Kasi Benn



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  • Athelet Feyisa will get hero’s welcome, government official

    The Olympic runner from Ethiopia who defiantly made an anti-government gesture at the finish line of the men’s marathon Sunday will receive a “heroic welcome” and not face prosecution, a government spokesman said Monday.


    Feyisa Lilesa crossed his arms above his head to draw attention to deadly protests in Oromia, his home region in Ethiopia, as he secured his second-place win at the end of the event of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Associated Press reported. He told reporters that he may be killed or imprisoned if he ever returns home, where protesting is “very dangerous.”


    “If I go back to Ethiopia, the government will kill me,” Lilesa told Sports Illustrated. “If not, they will charge me. After that, if they not charge, they will block in the airport in immigration. I want to move to another country and try to go to another country.”


    Ethiopia’s Communications Minister Getachew Reda told CNN that Lilesa is an “Ethiopian hero” who “shouldn’t at all be worried” to return to his home country. “I can assure you nothing is going to happen to his family nothing is going to happen to him,” Reda sa



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