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  • Do you want a clever baby? breast is best

    Infants who breastfeed are smarter, faster and stronger, according to a new study. 

    The research found babies brought up on formula milk performed worse in mathematics, memory, IQ, and motor function tests at the age of seven compared to their breast-fed peers.

    They also had a smaller volume of grey matter in their brains, an area important for processing and transmitting neural signals to other parts of the brain.

    New mothers are advised to breastfeed for the first six months to protect their babies against infections and allergies.

    But more than 70 per cent of mothers in America stop early. 

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  • Wayne Rooney Breaks Bobby Charlton's Manchester United Scoring Record

    Wayne Rooney became Manchester United's record scorer when he netted his 250th goal for the English giants in a 1-1 draw away to Stoke City in the Premier League on Saturday.

    Rooney equalised in the fourth minute of stoppage time to break fellow England great Bobby Charlton's United record of 249 goals.

    The 31-year-old forward, making his 546th United appearance, surpassed 1966 World Cup-winner Charlton's record in style when he bent a free-kick past Stoke goalkeeper Lee Grant into the top corner of the net at the Britannia Stadium.

    His latest United goal came a fortnight after Rooney, who succeeded Charlton as England's record goal-scorer in 2015, equalled the former midfielder's United mark during an FA Cup tie against second-tier Reading.

    "It means a hell of a lot. It is a great honour and I'm very proud," said Rooney, who signed for United from Everton in 2004.

    "It is not something I expected when I joined. The players who have played for this club have been world class. I'm proud to play for this club. To be all-time top goalscorer is a huge honour," he said.

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  • A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting.

    A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting.

    Sara Beyan, 27, was sitting in a car with her boyfriend last Friday night, when a man came and shoot them multiple times. Police said that, the shooter, named Glenn, was chased by a police car after he also shot a police officer in west Philadelphia. While he was running, he just stops and shoots to Sara Beyan and her boyfriend, who happen to be on the wrong place, wrong time. Sara's family came to the US from Ethiopia 25 years ago. Her father, Beyan Salah works for a parking company and her Mother Zehara Seid works as a house keeper in the university of Philadelphia.

    Sara was studying fashion design in a community College. Her boyfriend, whose name is not released, is in critical condition. Her father Beyan Salah said that he heard the shot, but he didnt expect it was for his daughter. R.I.P


    Source: Admas



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  • Not good News for Bolt after an intimate picture on social media with Brazilian girl.

    It is after a WhatsApp photo of Usain Bolt and a 20 year old Brazilian girl that the story and pictures go viral on social media.


    According to the daily mail news it was on Sunday night after bolt celebrates his 30th birth day that he spends the night with the Jady Duarte, 20 taking an intimate picture. Although she called herself a student Duarte is a mother of two and a widow whose husband is a commander of the narcotics trade and Rio's most notorious drug lords shoot by police.


    Police has remembered and remarked that her husband is was also responsible for the murder of a teenager back then in 2014.


    While For Bolt who just won the love of the world in his athletic performance was not a good image created after the cuddling and kissing pictures. It is revealed that he is in a long term relationship with a 26 years old Kasi Benn



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  • Do I Have Prostate Cancer? 12 Early Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

    Prostate cancer indications may not happen in the early phases of the malady. Men with prostate malignancy frequently notice signs as the disease progresses. It is imperative to stay up-to-date with yearly registrations keeping in mind the end goal to catch it in the early stages.
    These are 12 side effects men ought not to disregard to prevent the progression of conceivable prostate cancer:
    Trouble urinating and sometimes a powerlessness to urinate standing up.A need to urinate more often, particularly amid the night.Inconvenience beginning to urinate or a need to hold back when you are urinating.Powerless stream or diminished power in the stream of urine. You may see a basic trickle or a sentiment of bladder completion.Perceiving burning when urinating.Blood in urine.Blood in semen.Difficult ejaculation.General pain that affects the lower back, hips or thighs.Distress in the pelvic territory.Bone torment.Erectile brokenness.
    Prostate tumor indications are not really brought on by the malignancy itself, but rather due to the blockage coming about because of the development in the prostate, says WebMD. That is the reason why the development can influence sexual or urinary activities for men.
    The manifestations may likewise be brought on by non-cancerous issue, for example, a urinary tract disease or extended prostate. Your specialist can address these issues.
    See your specialist instantly in the event that you experience the ill effects of different manifestations prostate tumor. These signs may incorporate dull, profound torment or firmness in the lower back, pelvis, ribs or upper thighs. Bone torment may additionally happen in these territories.
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